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Haine Ren
Name: 灰音レン (Haine Ren)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 156cm
Weight: 47kg
Program: Kagamine BETA
Item: Large scythe
Sexual Orientation: Incestuous

Ren Haine is the black themed version of Len Kagamine. He is known as a BETA Kagamine due in sole part of problems during his production. In the past, errors in Ren's system lead to him being shut down and stored away.

Ren is a silent, soft spoken boy who is uncomfortable in the company of others or big crowds. He's anti-social to the point where the mansion dwellers think Ren possesses a heart of cold stone. Looks are deceiving of Ren, for the shell he keeps curled up within can only be cracked by his sister, Lin Haine.

The motive for Ren's anti-socialness is due in part to the enduring drama and nightmares of watching Lin being offlined by the Crypton scientists (and Alpha according to his history by previous roleplayers) who designed him and his sister. The years without Lin by his side has thus hard-pressed him from the grasps of kind hands, for Ren distrusts sympathy for trepidation of the gesture turning to lies before his very own eyes.

The only kindness or even exchanges he shows is that towards Lin. After conclusively reuniting with her, Ren senses it is his job to step up and be her caretaker, fretting and worrying over her like a mother hen would to a chick. He can't stand being separated from her and when she's even vanished from his side for a few moments, Ren will be frantically running down to the mansion gardens in a desperate search for her. Lord knows what would come to pass if Lin managed to disappear from his life once again. He literally will do everything and everything to please and protect her, if only to make her stay by his side eternally.

Ren dislikes all physical contact too. Hugs, pats on the back, even the slightest touch to his skin will make him backlash. Again, it is a trust issue imparted by his past history and such shows of affection like hugs or friendly contact in his mind were not ment to last long.

Misc Info:
Ren's initial design had shown him with a small pair of devil wings. He has always hidden his wings from view and continues to do so unless he is provoked to reveal them from under his clothes (ie: during times of rage, when he has to protect Lin, etc.). The wings however, do not hold a powerful significance and were in his model design to mainly be accessories as a unique standout against the other Len types. In short, Ren can flap his wings to show his hidden emotions he cannot easily expresses with words or facial expressions. They were not however, meant for flying but he can slow his fall with them if he so chooses.

UnOfficial Theme

I won't be able to bear the pain if I lose you again Lin...

We are...friends?:

Get away from me!:

Can you?:

I promised to protect you for the time being..:
...but why do you resemble my sister so much?

Stay away..:

RP account for :iconvocaloidrp-da:

NOTE: If you are NOT apart of Vocaloidrp-da and belong to another roleplay DO NOT comment on this account. If you are and choose to do so, I will ignore your message. Continue and you shall be blocked.

Current Residence: ...Japan
Favourite genre of music: N/A
Hardly ever did Ren stay situated in one place for a long period of time. The BETAloid preferred to wander the mansion at his own leisure, usually with his weapon the reaper-like scythe in tow, held firmly between the protectiveness of his fingers and palms. When the boy wasn't wandering he was stopped in his tracks, collecting his thoughts or watching a resident or two with interest from the comforting confines of the shadows playing across the room.

Today however he decided not to wander, but to rather gather those thoughts in place as his ashen gray eyes stared to his free open palm. There laying limp like a delicate treasure was a simple bracelet made of black leather, the ties neatly braided showing the true craftsmanship of the one who forged it. On the surface two images of daises were painted, sandwiching the bold white letters of 'LIN', the name of his twin sister he held dear to his heart.

The BETA wasn't the artists type, nor was he the type of boy who would willingly go out and buy such a gift to a special girl. Ren frowned, 'No, not special girl' he corrected himself. Nikui had used the term at one point in their conversation at the mall when he had brought up the idea of buying a gift for Lin, in which Nikui used the term to describe a girl Ren had his eyes on. The BETA pointed out he had no sweet to his heart, merely the family love of his sister which he wanted to show to Lin in another form or other. But even when Ren had brought up the idea of inscribing a message onto the bracelet, Nikui had still been convinced Ren was filling the bracelet out as most lovers would do.

'I don't know how Nikui could think I had deep feelings for Lin like that" he snorted to no one in particular, what little emotion and personality he had showing in one of those rare events. "Maybe this society has been brainwashed and warped beyond repair more than I thought. Can't even show I care for Lin without a nosy person stepping in to meddle with the truth." Ren's fingers tightened around the bracelet at first with anger, then slowly it shook with nervousness as he gave up and shoved the trinket back into his pants pocket.

He had been waiting months to present the gift to Lin, months to gather the courage to hand it over to her. Finally when the BETA's mind had become sound with a decision to make a move, Ren's careful planning crashed and burned all over the fear he'd appear as a softy to his fellow mansion dwellers. What was more, Ren felt embarrassed giving Lin the bracelet, not knowing how she'd react to the gift or if she too would be like Nikui and take a mind's route down the road it was never meant to be.

Ren put a palm to his face and rubbed his temple, moving a few of his jet black bangs in the process "Dammit Nikui, you made this sound so easy when we talked.  Seems like a total waste of my time now if I make a complete idiot of myself in front of Lin."

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Bloody-Zeito Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2012
In his room, Zeito could be found playing with his only loved thing in the world, a pitch black yo-yo. Up and down, up and down, up and down, it relaxed him greatly. In the dim light that crowded the bedroom, he sneered at a bit of sunlight that sheered in trough his window and one his face. The pitch black curtain had moved a bit, letting the sunshine in.

Hissing a bit, he walked up to arrange it. Glad the sunlight that had appeared for a instant was gone, Zeito carried a hand to his stomach and muttered, "Hungry...". Walking to his door and opening it, placing both hands in his pocket, he walked out and walked quickly to his room, bearing a frown. He didn't like to be seen.

Suddenly, he looked up and saw in a distance a boy of dark clothing with white touch ups. Not wanting to approach, he stood there staring at him for the time being until either the teen would leave feeling uncomfortable or even dare attempt to talk to him.

(( Hello there!~ Since these two are both dark I figured I could start "socializing" Zeito a bit. Wouldn't hurt I guess. Name's Junior, honor RPing with you~ ))
Ren-Haine Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012
The BETAloid knew the mansion to be quiet, each day as he walked the halls peace greeted his ears with not a soul to disturb his thoughts. It was this peace of mind that Ren so thoroughly enjoyed with his sister by his side. The Haines were literally the leaders of this solitude, the devoid nature and the halls within the large house. Not a soul could creep up and disturb him, nor would Ren have to endure endless hours of making a social chatter with the annoyances that came with the place.

Except for that moment. Ren's gray eyes caught sight of the dark figure, unfamiliar to his memory chip in size and features. The BETAloid was at a too far distance to get a proper look of the chap, yet the Haine could feel the figures eyes watching as he kept a lock of watch with his own eyes.

"Hey!" the boy's shout was a rough monotone, but loud enough to bring some attention to the figure. As a precaution, Ren's pale fingers gripped the handle to his scythe heavily till his knuckles became an almost whiter tone than his skin. "You have something better to do than stand gawking?" Whomever this was, the Haine didn't trust the lingering look.

((Pfft I was going to come to you actually, but it seems I have been beaten to the punch. I've always wanted to play Ren up against either a Zeito or a Zatsune, so this is going to be good~ And it's a pleasure to be rping with you! You can just call me Haku since most everyone does around here xD ))
Bloody-Zeito Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012
The man had caught an eerie ambient coming from that boy, was that was that a scythe...? He expected something unusual, most vocaloid had ridiculous things as items, leeks, Sake, oranges... ice cream... Shuddering at the thought of that last one.

Unmoved by the obvious weapon in the teen's hands, and instead of staring, glared at the younger loid. With red eyes that looked like a demon was about to form in his place, he assumed he'd either not want to talk or attack him.

Though, losing himself in thoughts about that boy... Who was he? That tone of his when speaking was not friendly for a change, it was rather cold... Taking a step out of the umbra he was hiding in, revealing himself to light for a change, he squinted. "Hmm...", he murmured to himself, tilting his head slightly, still bearing the same glare as then.

(( Oh, then I'm actually not alone.~ And awesome to meet you Haku, honor RPing with you actually. Please excuse me for RPing fails... ||orz ))
Ask-Ren Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2011
Rei-Kagene Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011
It's been a while since he talked to Ren. The last time he spoke to him was when he allowed the winged male to watch out for his sister. Thing is, she hasn't been around for quite some time and it wasn't so dangerous around here anymore. So might as well tell Ren that there's no need to do such a difficult task. Taiko may still be here but his sister just.... disappeared. Wait. What is she was harmed? What if something bad happened to her? It's possible she might be safe but what if she was hurt? He must find out.

"...Ren? I'd like to speak to you." The young musician approached him, seeming a bit... tense. That was because he was worried for his sister. "Have you heard any news of Rui? I have not heard from her for quite some time and she seems to have disappeared without a trace." She may be stronger than him but he really hoped she was okay.
Ren-Haine Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011
Rui, he had forgotten about her! The promise he had made to Rei time ago had come to haunt him at long last. Getting caught up in his emotions of Lin and his dallying with the Kazamine and Kokorone couple had completely blindsided him from his promised task of protection. Surely the Kagane girl was well off? Lin had made a mention of Rui in their last conversation, and hadn't Sen as well? There had been no threat in the mansion over the months, and seeing Rei back in action it meant for all danger to be gone...right?

Like the cold rock surface he was, Ren never showed the truth of failure on his face. He kept in lock like one in a poker game, never betraying him emotions or inner thoughts, just cold, collected and calm.

"Ah your sister Rui, yes I do recall" Standing straight with his scythe in his hand, the BETA recited in his monotone the words in which Rei wanted to hear, nothing giving away of the deceit "I haven't seen her in the past months, but it is nothing to fear Rei. Lin is a good acquaintance of your sister and as I heard so has the girl Kazamine. If something were or had happened to your sister while I was not capable of, surely the two of them would given raise to an alarm and warned me. And I tell you, I act quick if Rui was ever in such danger."

Ren had proven his worth of speed and skill to the Kagane male through use of his wings and scythe. If Rei was now in doubt of the BETAloi's capability, the Haine was more then willing to give him a refresher course.
Rei-Kagene Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011
So Ren hasn’t seen her for the past months. At first he’d thought that Ren was being a terrible bodyguard, but the mention of his sister’s two friends seemed that she was okay. However, it didn’t calm his thoughts. Wouldn’t Rui have told his brother goodbye before she left off on her own? Or at least leave a note behind so he knew of her whereabouts? She did none of those. He was not at peace just yet. It really bothered him that he knew nothing of her right now. “Is that so? You say you have not seen my sister, but her friends have perhaps? It seems you have not kept a good eye on her. I trusted you to protect her at all cost or there will be consequences.” The young musician paused, crossing his arms behind his back.

“However, it seems she does not appear to be harmed. Let me just test your ability to protect someone. I let you off too easy the last time.” Rei stepped forward, getting a bit closer to the other male. “Now, do not worry. I want to know what you’ll do in such a situation. I’m not going to harm you.” He didn’t like physical contact, but he reached a hand up to Ren’s neck and gripped his hand around it. Rei wasn’t going to seriously choke him. He was only demonstrating. “If you happened to be caught by the throat and your scythe was not with you, what would you do to escape? Show me or tell me. However, do not harm me.” The musician himself had been stuck in the same situation. He wasn’t exactly a fighter. Nor was he one of those Yanderes that shed the blood of their victims. No, he liked keeping it clean. Though, trickery helped get him out of such a difficult situation.
Ren-Haine Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2011
"I assure you Rei, I have been doing a proper job of looking out for your sister. There are times when I needed to recharge my battery, did you expect me to run down and then be of no help to her?" Ren knew he had failed, keeping the mask of the lie up to pursuade the Kagene he had been protecting Rui instead of off with his own sister. It even infuriated the BETAloid to know Rei seemed to be accusing him of slacking up.

When the Kagene stepped into Ren's personal space, the BETAloids instincts quickly acted into gear. Both hands clamped down upon the shaft of his scythe hard, fingers locking into place, clutching tightly for dear life. Ren's jaws clenched as well, gray eyes watching carefully with skill as Rei placed his hands around his throat in a seeming grip. When the Kagene did not start squeezing, the BETAloid kept his guard off, not daring to make the first move for fear of mistake.

"If I showed you, you will only get harmed by my fury." hi words were true, he could easily take out the Kagene as simple as that, but since it was a test, the Kagene in Ren's mind had to be kept healthy without a scratch in order to pass. "And you saying I am not allowed to use my scythe is a different story. Very well. There are more ways to escape without a weapon, or have you not forgotten about my wings? I open them an one usually starts running for mommy."
Karu-Meikane Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011
{{ Two things. One, is it okay with you if Karu is totally gone [in a very lovish way] over Ren? }}

{{ Because I am. :iconhurrhurrplz: }}

{{ And...damn it...I forgot the second thing >.< Oh yes. Where does Nazotoki lie on your list of aquaintances? }}
Ren-Haine Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
((I have to update that list lol. Nazo is likely going to be in amongst people he can possibly trust. He has a feeling Nazo isn't a threat to him or his sister and is therefore a person he can trust as a comrade if the need arises.

As for your first question, care to explain more? I'm kind of confused as to what your asking exactly. Do you mean Karu running off because she has a crush on Ren or...totally smitten over him that she's become his personal fangirl stalker like a Len fangirl? ))
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